Reiko’s Fragments will arrive just in time for Halloween VR Societal Loopholes

A brand new VR game inputting early accessibility for Halloween this year allows you send spares from a very simple webpage to your friend wearing a headset.

Reiko’s Fragments from Pixel Canvas Studios seems like fun for the entire family, except possibly the man who’s in VR. The game will start in early accessibility on October 28, together with service recorded on Steam for Vive, Index and Rift, in addition to both the Oculus Store and Viveport.

Reiko’s Fragments sees one individual explore a haunted house in VR, while friends, family or flow audiences can utilize any Web-enabled apparatus to put traps and ship jump scares into the VR participant as they walk about and solve puzzles.

In case you have played any of those Jackbox games, then you will be knowledgeable about the manner in which you use your mobile or pc to take part logging in and linking the sport functions in a really similar manner.

Do not let the Jackbox comparison fool you . The sole difference between both is that the manner by which they utilize a web interface enabling other people to participate.  Reiko’s Fragments is a really scary horror match.

The VR participant is put in a haunted house with 2 floors, which they will explore while chased by a ghost. They could throw things to divert the ghost, but the most important aim is to escape finding a creepy doll concealed somewhere in the home. The catch? There are numerous fake trap dolls positioned around the home by the non-VR users prior to the match starts.

But wait! There is more spooky things — since the VR player investigates the home, that the non-VR players may send unique kinds of jump scares to creep the VR player outside.  You are able to pick between flickering the lights, slamming a door, or sending a gush of wind their way. But, you may just send them every so often, using a tube that builds up letting you ship scarier jumps the more time you wait patiently.

We tried out the beta and Ian got really scared exploring the home while we delivered door slams and gushes of wind his manner, because you can see in the footage over. The version we attempted now only has one map Reiko’s House — and also yet another difficultly accessible. The most important menu suggests another map and much more issues will be accessible at a later date.

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