‘Arietta of’ Spirits’ Seeks Help From Supernatural Buddies

Nothing similar to a random connection with the spirit world to spice up a trip to Grandmother’s cottage.

Fortunately, Arietta of Spirits celebrities a courageous young woman prepared to undertake all from slimes to huge pests together with her trusty sword and otherworldly companion.

As when fulfilling a soul on your late Grandmother’s cottage was not enough, you are going to need to determine why this curious animal (along with other paranomals) are observable to you. And endure the risks of the region.

Inspired by lush forests and dank caverns, you will have your job cut out for you. You’re going to be armed with only a wooden sword to begin, but with your abilities you are able to make it sting — on these dang wasps. You have to be fast with your dodge rolls to prevent their retaliation, however — particularly when you are up against the above Wasp Queen. Having a stroke of fortune, your supernatural buddy might help add a little oomph to your sword.

Your principal mission is to discover the mysteries of the soul realm, not get killed in the procedure. When there are plenty of feet to topple, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun slicing and dicing with this fast-paced action-adventure game.

Arietta of Spirits is now in development, but you can catch a presentation from or add the game to a Steam Wishlist.

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