Doom 64 is a Pre Requisite Incentive for Doom Eternal on PC and consoles

After the statement of Doom Eternal and Doom 64’s launch being pushed back into next year, id Software has shown Doom 64 is a pre requisite bonus on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Everything sparks 20th March, although in the event that you need it on Nintendo Switch with this particular date you will want to buy it outright. Switch players may still get it at no cost from pre-ordering Doom Eternal nevertheless, you simply won’t have the ability to play until Eternal happens on the stage at a later date (which is yet to be declared ).

When you have already pre-ordered Doom Eternal, do not worry, you are qualified for the free Doom 64 electronic download also.

id Software has released a beautiful brand new trailer to observe the information.

Before it is statement during September’s Nintendo Direct, Doom 64 was seen back in July, which makes Wesley Yin-Poole all nostalgic:

“Ah, Doom 64. In the lack of a PC, my console-fuelled video game youth was abandoned with Doom 64. Butimprobably, Doom 64 was fantastic.”