Amazon Counter Bundle pickup network Extends to Tens of Thousands more Places from the U.S.

Amazon has announced a Significant expansion because of its bundle pickup service at the U.S.

Counter, since the agency is known, permits Amazon clients to decide on a third party place to get their parcel delivered, which could be suitable for those struggling to take charge of a bundle at their home address. For retailers registering to permit their places to be utilized as pickup places, their incentive is straightforward: a client entering a shop to collect a parcel could then hang around to purchase different things while they are there. It is about raising footfall.

Amazon first introduced Counter in Europe back in May, prior to rolling it out at the U.S. the subsequent month. Originally, Counter was made accessible 100 Rite Aid Stores throughout the U.S., even though it previously said it expected to go live in greater than 1,500 at the conclusion of 2019. With the current information, Amazon is ramping up Counter’s existence in tens of thousands more brick-and-mortar shops through spectacular partnerships with nutrition and health socket GNC, pharmacy series Health Mart, and department store brand State Stores.

The procedure of amassing a parcel will operate precisely the same at those retail outlets since it will in Rite Aid: the consumer requests as standard through the Amazon program or site, except now they’ll have additional merchant alternatives to select as their shipping address. When the package arrives at its destination, the client receives an email notification with a barcode that permits them to accumulate it. On the merchant side, Amazon has developed a different program to help them handle all of the parcel deliveries.

Counter signifies a part of Amazon’s wider suite of delivery solutions which it requires Hub, including Amazon Locker and Apartment Locker. But greater than this, it represents a part of a multi-pronged approach it’s adopting to satisfy the expanding demand for flexible and rapid deliveries, including delivering products to customers’ garages, houses, and automobiles. The business is also pushing to expand its shipping capability through leasing more freight planes, as well as producing its own system of autonomous delivery fleets, including paying its present workers to quit their jobs to start their own courier companies.

It is worth noting here that Counter is not confined to Amazon Prime clients — it only serves as an extra shipping address for those struggling to take control of a parcel in person. Nevertheless, Prime associates will continue to have the ability to enjoy a few of the advantages of the membership, such as same-day or one-way deliveries direct for their favorite retail place.

“This new system of pickup points provides clients a pickup experience that’s quick, flexible and convenient, and spouses are thrilled with the strong involvement and extra foot traffic Counter is driving to get their shops,” mentioned Amazon Hub manager Patrick Supanc, at a media release.

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