Clients will be all-in on Robots in 2020 along with other CX Forecasts (VB Live)

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It is time to get a look in the largest challenges and opportunities for client support today, in 2020 and past. Combine this VB Live occasion to get an overview of the CX landscape, and find out the best way to brace yourself for later on, why Gartner is bullish on chatbots, and much more.

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Customer support is the basis of business success. It is a crucial competitive differentiator: 89percent of companies now compete on the level of service that they provide to clients. It’s directly tied to long-term client worth: After one lousy service expertise, 51percent of consumers will no longer conduct business with that business. That is no joke: At the U.S., clients jumped to competitors due to a terrible experience is costing businesses $1.6 trillion.

It is a trend which has resonated increasingly more with businesses as they struggle to keep up with present customer support trends and leap on board the most recent CX fads. However, in 2019, easy choice was among the largest factors in consumer satisfaction, says Katherine Hird, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bold360 from LogMeIn.

“The way that we work and live and buy is evolving,” Hird says. “But you can improve the customer experience by making sure that you have the right variety of channels that work for both your business and your customers, to have them engage effectively and have an overall positive customer experience.”

Consumers from each generation (not only Millennials) expect to have the ability to participate with a business within their favorite channel — also 85percent percent of clients said they expect organizations to offer you a mix of both physical and electronic communication channels.

However, using an uptick in the amount of stations which clients are utilizing to contact businesses, it is important to stay focused on developing a branded and consistent experience across all them, with a concentration on non-creepy personalization to create them feel as though they have always reached the correct location, Hird states.

During client loyalty, additionally, it is crucial to produce seamless customer experiences across stations — for example, if a client begins conversing using a chatbot, but interaction has to be booted up to a live customer service representative, or even given any sort of escalation to a different level of support through an experience.

“Customers get frustrated when they interact with a business and they have to repeat themselves multiple times when they go from one channel to the next,” Hird says. “That especially applies when you’re moving from chatbot to human.”

Businesses especially will need to be careful in the way they incorporate their chatbot encounters, ” she says. They provide substantial benefits for first-level customer support jobs such as requests for opening hours or return policies along with other FAQ-style questions. However it ought to be simple for a client to move in the conversation encounter to a live individual, with no hassle.

But in 2019, although chatbots, equally AI-powered and rules-based, are becoming more widespread since they are both cost-effective and may accelerate the live support representative encounter, some clients are falling to view them as a successful client support tool.

It is called ‘fear of the bot,’ Hind says. It has been declining over time, but that stress still appears to be there. Consumers appear to be anxious about if they are speaking to a person or a bot, and can they tell the difference? Employees worry about robots taking over tasks and displacing them.

“As we transition into 2020, I expect that this fear will continue to subside,” she states. “I think what’s really important is focusing on the introduction of AI into the customer service experience overall, and emphasizing, both externally and internally, the fact that bots are not replacing humans – they’re helping make humans more efficient, and giving customers more efficient experiences.”

For much more on the greatest trends of 2019take check out the hits, the misses, as well as the ways businesses can learn from , and also a round of crazy predictions concerning the future of AI, robots, and client experience, do not overlook this VB Live occasion.

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You will find out about:

  • The potential of customer participation
  • The challenges, opportunities and trends in universal availability
  • How electronic technologies and AI impacts in-store encounters
  • Finding the happy medium of personalization
  • Why privacy and safety is a customer support problem


  • Katherine Hird, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bold360 by LogMeIn
  • Ken Dodelin, VP Conversational AI Products, CapitalOne

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