Divinity: First Sin # & 2 039;s free Gift Bag DLC, Order & Magic, is Outside Now

Black kitty! Haggling improvements!  More!

Larian Studios was gripped with the soul of jealousy once more, and has chucked another bag of complimentary Divinity: First Sin two DLC at most players on PC, Mac, Change, PS4, and Xbox One.

This latest round of free DLC for its superb RPG comes in the shape of a fresh Gift Bag offering, also Larian is calling this one Order & Magic – following on from Beauty Salon and Song Of Character – largely because it focusses on, yes, magic and order.

Larian’s most up-to-date Gift bag contains six new attributes, and also the developer notes that every can be disabled or enabled separately, based on if you would like to bask in their additive glory, or just stick with the vanilla encounter.

People searching for a new furry friend is now able to transform the Dark Cat into a follower once rescued, along with the brand new Pet Power attribute lets players throw extract spells on all accessible summons, together with each getting different abilities based upon the foundation elemental extract kind.

Elsewhere, there is a new battle randomiser feature, which assigns a brand new special status kind to one or more arbitrary enemies throughout a garbage to be able to mix up things a little, and it is possible to discover exceptional bags that allow greater and automated sorting of stocks.

Larian’s third gift tote DLC also brings a change to haggling, which means that the standing and ability of a participant’s whole party now affects the prices they will pay for merchandise, instead of the haggling skills of somebody. And out things, a mysterious seller was added to every significant hub, promoting “exotic and potent artifacts”. These, conveniently, may be used to update a character’s equipment to the player’s present level.

Though that wraps it up for Donation bag 3’s all-platform freebies, now’s upgrade brings a brand new buddy invitation method to Switch. Details are seen on Larian’s forum.