Fire Emblem: 3 Houses' Newest Upgrade adds Warmth, animal Connections, and Much More

Expansion Pass material combined by free material for everybody.

Fire Emblem: Three Homes, essentially Hogwarts but with much more turn-based conflicts and a less rigorous entrance coverage, has received a fresh upgrade on Switch, including the likes of sauna socialising, improved save slots, new outfits, and animal interactions for people who simply can not pass a dog or cat without having to fawn all over them.

Three Homes’ upgrade 1. 10, since it is formally known, is available today and contains articles and quality of life enhancements for many users, along with some extra things solely for owners of this game’s Expansion Pass.

Beginning with all the free items, 1. 10 creates Jeritza a recruitable personality whilst after the Dark Eagles/Crimson Flower route, and provides the option for gamers to place their characters’ look out on the battle. Formerly it was only possible to specify looks round the monastery. The sport also receives a huge bulge in store slotsfrom 5 to 25.

Expansion Pass owners, meanwhile, get the next wave of guaranteed paid content. Recurring Fire Emblem personality Anna is currently recruitable via a unique pursuit, for example, and thenew Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear outfits have been introduced to many pupils.

Also, Expansion Pass owners get maid and butler battalions, fresh creature interactions – allowing players to feed dogs and cats, as is only right and great – and the brand new sauna attribute. The latter supplies another place for socialising with classmates and pals. “Head to the sauna and work up a sweat”, indicates Nintendo.

A few more details about the features and bug fixes introduced as a member of Fire Emblem: Three Homes’ 1. 10 update could be seen in Nintendo’s patch notes.