IGP First Appearance — ‘Lakeview Valley’

Lakeview Valley sees us attempting to eke out a life in a little toy (by turning into a serial killer) in this months’ IGP First Look. However, we probably need to have only been law-abiding taxpayers.

CONTENT WARNING — Violence, Gore

A bus takes you to a new city, and you are just happy to discover a place for yourself inside. At this time you may attempt to make friends with the natives, performing chores for them and enhancing your position. You might even work on your home and pretty up your lawn. Locate some stone at the lake to receive your sauna functioning so that you may unwind. Oryou can go our path and attempt to turn into a serial killer.

Serial killing isn’t so easy in the realm of Lakeview Valley, however. People do not like it once you hit them in the head with a wrench, and everybody else in this city appears to workout in their spare time. Just about everyone is capable of beating you down at the road, which means you’re going to want something more powerful than a little instrument to battle . Additionally, even should you get the drop on someone, they have a tendency to run off and catch the sword-wielding sheriff, and he is having none of your own troublemaking. The sheriff may also explore crimes and the signs you leave behind should you somehow pull off a kill (that we absolutely didn’t until a few horrible conditions went down).

Despite this severe killing function, the game’s musical and visual fashion loan it a goofiness that retains the possible gore from getting stomach-churning. You might also not do these things and work out the puzzle of town, also, however if you’re trying to find a filthy, violent Animal Crossing, you need to attempt Lakeview Valley.

Lakeview Valley is on Steam.

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