New RPG out of Threes Founder sees Apple Arcade subscription hit 100 games Landmark

Sociable Football kicks off also.

Six new matches combine Apple Arcade now, bringing the subscription support to its 100 game landmark.

Included in that record is Sociable Football, which formerly launched on PC through Steam Early Access.

One of the remainder, it is well worth highlighting Guildings – an experience RPG out of Sirvo Studios and operated by Threes founder Asher Vollmer.

It seems a somewhat charming turn-based fantasy experience, with oh boy, amount hecking Twitter-esque conversation.

“You’ll climb through dark tunnels to reach mystical mountain temples,” Apple’s description reads. “You’ll match wits with goblins, ghosts and sentient coffeemakers. You might even save the world from tearing itself apart. All you need to get this quest started? A magical phone.”

Other matches included now comprise Takeshi & Hiroshi out of Oink Games, a role-player with puppet animation; Marble It Up: Mayhem! , a “next generation” marble platformer; Discolored, a “surreal puzzle adventure”; and UFO on Tape: First Contact.

We have been tremendously impressed by the standard of matches accessible through Apple Arcade so much – many of that Christian Donlan has been researching in our comprehensive Apple Arcade coverage.