DF Highlights: the Best Prices from Amazon UK's Hidden Stone sale, Day One

Indoors: deep discounts on 4K TVs, mics, peripherals and much more.

Amazon has kicked off its Hidden Stone sale, using deep discounts on technology products such as 4K TVs, PC peripherals, XLR microphones and a whole lot more. The sale begins today and runs till November 12th, with a few things appearing available for the length and many others coming and going into Amazon’s conventional Lightning Deals.

There is a lot to wade through here, so we’ve done the heavy lifting to come up with the best products provided in the marketplace – including substantial cost drops on a few of our favorite products such as OLED TVs and mechanical keyboards. Here are the highlights from Day 1!

Update: We have added deals on many Surface versions, for example, Surface Move and Hybrid Vehicle Pro 6, that have observed deep reductions now on the Microsoft Store.

The Ideal 4K TV for HDR gambling: LG B9 OLED

This 2019 OLED TV from LG is our absolute favorite 4K TV available on the industry at the moment. Its innovative OLED display means stunning color manipulation, wide viewing angles, perfectly black blacks and robust motion handling thanks to almost instant pixel response times. Even the B9’s input is also exceedingly reduced at 14ms, which makes it better than many TVs and like some monitors for rapid games.

The addition of four HDMI 2.1 vents implies that this TV can be a whole lot more future-proof than the B8 and C8 from this past year. HDMI 2.1 is anticipated to be utilised in next-generation games and images cards, enabling 4K in 120Hz within one cable. But like other OLED versions, display burn-in is an opportunity for static content and brightness is not as large as Samsung’s QLEDs. Regardless, we think this TV is the smartest choice for movies and gambling for the majority of people.

For a more affordable alternative, take a look at the Philips Ambilight 55-inch OLED, that has been decreased from 1499 into 1099 today. This TV uses exactly the Exact Same OLED panel since the LG TV, together with support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HDR 10+. Alexa and a nearby lighting are constructed in.

The Greatest cheap 4K HDR TV: Hisense B7100 50-inch

If you desire the absolute most TV for the least cash, this 50-inch Hisense B7100 is the ideal option. The TV uses a VA panel, therefore contrast is great but seeing angles and color accuracy will not match that of an OLED – not that you’d ever find an OLED in this sort of price! Concerning HDR service, HDR10 along with also the BBC’s favoured Hybrid Gamma (HLG) formats are equally supported, however more costly propositions such as DolbyVision and HDR10+ are overlooking. Input lag can also be just average, at approximately 50ms, which makes the TV best suited to slower video and games. Nonetheless, it’s tough to argue with this considerably 4K TV for such a reduced cost.

The Ideal XLR mic for gaming/recording: Audio-Technica AT2020

We adore the AT2020 thanks to its hot and precise noise, its professional look and its amazingly reasonable price. This cardioid mic delivers a “very mature, believable sound both on vocals and on instruments”, based on Sound On Sound, which makes it a fantastic selection for a variety of use cases. It is well constructed also, so it ought to endure being attracted into a place for recording just in addition to living with you in your home. If you would like to acquire a professional audio at a fair price, this really is a top option – particularly at a 20 or 30 discount! )

There are two variations of the AT2020 to pick from: XLR and USB. The XLR mic is somewhat cheaper, but you will need some kind of XLR input that offers phantom power – like an audio port – and also an XLR cable to begin. The USB version is a lot easier to use, plugging into many desktop and notebook computers from the box, however does not permit you to improve your audio port farther down the road. If you are a newcomer, the USB version is possibly the most appropriate, but if you are in it for the long haul then the XLR variant is much more future-proof.

For XLR accessories and much more details, take a look at our guide to gambling microphones.

For the following top rated USB mic, take a look at the discounted Blue Yeti Nano, decreased from 100 to 74. This mic includes a stand alone and tap-to-mute performance, which makes it a fantastic selection for sport streaming.

Great funding mechanical keyboards: Ajazz AK33 and friends

All these funding mechanical keyboards come from many different sellers, however, each has distinguished itself through its strong user testimonials and our own testing. These keyboards do not seem quite as elaborate as choices from the likes of Razer or Corsair, however the scanning experience is equally as great and build quality may be better – and you are paying half or even a third of the purchase price! If you devote a great deal of time daily typing or gambling, then updating to a funding mechanical computer like these makes a lot of sense.

Microsoft Surface Move, Surface Pro 6 and Surface Notebook 2

Coincidentally, Microsoft will also be having a sale now! The highlights include deep discounts on several Surface goods, as a result of the recent launch of new variations. This makes it the ideal time to get a deal on last season’s hardware, adding around 56 off the Surface Move up to 450 off the Surface Pro 6 as well as 506 off the Surface Notebook 2.

Each of 3 Surfaces stay excellent goods in their own right, especially the Surface Pro 6 and Notebook 2. For all these, we urge configurations with 256GB of storage, 8GB of memory and also a Core i5 – greater capabilities are significantly more costly and largely come in handy for more intensive jobs such as professional photo editing, so it is far better to decide on a lower-spec variant at a lower cost.

We will continue to include new bargains as we place them including a lot of new deals every day of this purchase till November 12th. Stay tuned.