BioWare Shows Fresh Mass Effect concept Artwork

Asari there is not more. 

Last night, BioWare team members shot to Twitter to indicate N7 Day – the yearly celebration of all things Mass Impact.

And if there was not any statement of the Trilogy remaster, we did have a peek at a few previously-unseen Mass Impact concept artwork. Expand and beverage in the newly-revealed graphics under:

All these pictures seem like they’re in the first trilogy age, and reveal that the Normandy and Mako in a variety of environments. Additionally, cows.

Of special interest is that the aquatic world in the last picture. This seems like Kahje – that the homeworld of this hanar, along with the embraced world of this drell.

We got to watch Kahje from the matches , although Thane talks about it a whole lot. A domed town such as the one seen this is finally visited by Liara from spin-off comedian Homeworlds.

Overall, this year old N7 Day was a muted affair (and the less said about these costly Mass Effect-style Anthem makeup, the greater ).

Possibly the most positive thing for lovers was continuing suggestion Volume Effect is merely napping, not dead – even though BioWare’s most important attention is elsewhere. Pop back to cryo-sleep and we are going to wake you up following Dragon Age 4 starts in a few years.