Obviously there's a Red Dead Redemption Two PC mod that lets you Perform at the nip

We probably all saw that coming. After modders exercised the way to transform into just about any creature or NPC version in Red Dead Redemption two’s PC version, it was merely a matter of time until somebody found versions without clothing in the match – and resembles this person was me. Sorry everyone.

This guide is NSFW (obviously), with a few spoilers.

The mod Lenny’s Straightforward Trainer, printed by LMS on the site Mod Red Dead, enables gamers to edit the text within an INI file to swap between versions in-game. The entire model list supplied on the web site stretches in the tens of thousands – and while others are evident in their titles, lots are still left unexplored. Therefore, with a glass of gin in the listing in my screen, last night I set about attempting some promising ones.

As far as titles go, “U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01” is a small giveaway, and unsurprisingly employing this version provides you a girl in the enthusiast. Assuming Rhd stands for Rhodes, she is likely assumed to be in town, but I don’t have any recollection of seeing her . Seems like a fairly liberating method to explore the countryside, even though researching the Grizzlies like this might find a little nippy.

Accepting bareback riding overly literally.

Somewhat more difficult to locate was a dude in his birthday suit – and while I am yet to come across a starkers male version, I’ve discovered something equally funny. A guy with his pants around his ankles – and, better still, the version is termed “U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01”.

Surprisingly, this man is capable of conducting even with his pants down. Must be quite desperate for your bog.

After looking this up after, it feels like he is from an in-game occasion in Valentine in which Arthur inadvertently interrupts a guy’s toilet break – though you can not see much, as it is a scripted event. Someone clearly went into the attempt of modelling a manhood, however.

While Red Dead Redemption two was rated 18+, you seldom see undressed characters from the game. During a night out you can catch a glimpse of a couple getting it on (which is probably the reason why the raw female version is present ), while gamers also have observed random events like the man skinny dipping in the lake, or even the feral “wolf man” roaming the forests.

Red Dead Redemption two gamers have managed to unleash the PS4 variant to strip the major character (or from glitching a whirlpool tub ), but utilizing Lenny’s Straightforward Trainer makes the procedure easier, and also enables the player to perform an undressed lady – or even as a guy with a dong – for apparently the first time (Arthur is modelled using a sleek crotch).

The fun and games do not cease at risqu versions, however, and there are lots of other wacky things to test. One of them is the robot in the Marko Dragic sidequest, which surprisingly works nicely as a participant version (besides jumping – possibly the robot too thick ). I also was able to perform as a vampire, also efficiently zombies by reanimating the match’s corpse models. The normal corpse includes a rotten impact, whilst cholera seems to supply a more bluish tinge – but equally have luminous yellowy-green eyes. Disgusting.

Model titles CS_crackpotRobot, CS_Vampire, A_F_M_UniCorpse_01 and A_F_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01 respectively.

if you would like to try out the mod for your self, first be certain that you make a copy of your game files, and also to disable autosaves on your sport. It is worth noting you shouldn’t use this mod if playing Red Dead Online, since it may possibly cause a ban. You will want to glue all of the files to the main directory of Red Dead Redemption two (in which the game is set up ), then edit the Ist.ini file to add version names from this list. Subsequently, all it requires is holding F7 to switch between your preferred character versions – and also you are able to edit the Ist.ini file while the game’s running to include more.

Pop up the titles in the’versions’ lineup, with commas to separate every .

The most recent edition of Lenny’s Straightforward Trainer also allows gamers to get any of those weapons on this listing, or teleport to places provided here – such as Guarma and a few off-map locations. Unfortunately there is not much to view these, but researching the way the border of the planet is assembled is intriguing in the game design standpoint. Again, all you want to do is glue the appropriate data into the Ist.ini document, then hold down the proper hotkey.

Meanwhile, maybe the funniest I have had so much (besides drinking as a snake and studying about hidden characters from the documents ) is flying a pigeon about Saint Denis – a very tough thing to do, given that the pigeon’s size and the pace in which it stinks. Attempt not to smack yourself right into a lamppost.